Where You Carry is What You’re Doing

Where You Carry is What You’re Doing

Using the floor plan of the deconstructed home at 19 Admirals Way as our pattern, we generated a series of bags, each with an embedded piece of ephemera from the deconstruction–a collections of LEGOs, or a broken golf ball for example. These vanished objects only reveal themselves as images overlaid onto a map of Christchurch we have provided the audience. We invite participants to take a map and navigate the city by way of this new image of Christchurch. We introduced as few materials as possible: pink builders twine, a few screws and paper for the maps to the project.

For more documentation, please visit – https://flic.kr/s/aHsk7xKo4n

Postcard Images and Text:

Vanished Objects – Embedded Landscape

These bags are made with cast-off materials from the deconstructed home of 19 Admirals Way. Embedded in each bag is an object–a golf ball, a pencil, a plastic toy, a scrub brush–the kind of object easily forgotten or left behind. These every day objects were transformed into vanished objects by the earthquakes in Christchurch. The city’s landscape shifted in small ways and big, rendering navigation a confusing blend of new and old pathways, adjustments, and experiences.

By laying the vanished objects of 19 Admirals Way onto the map of Christchurch city center, we are asking you, the audience, to navigate Christchurch anew. We invite you to take a psycho-geographic journey along the lines of quotidian objects.

The floor plan of the house is the pattern for the bags. The vanished object offers the pattern for your journey.


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